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UCF Opens Global Opportunities, Inspires Undergrad to Pursue Doctorate

As the daughter of two immigrants from Guatemala and Venezuela, Carla Garcia has always been passionate about understanding perspectives different from her own. It’s what inspired her to pursue political science at UCF, and it’s the reason she was recently chosen by the American Political Science Association for the Minority Fellowship. The fellowship awarded to […]

Early Interest In Politics Leads Alumna to Governor’s Office

  When most kids were watching cartoons, Leah Trilling ’18 was on the couch watching the news with her dad. That interest in current events stuck with her, and eventually led to her current position as deputy director of Cabinet Affairs for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The steps leading to that position include undergraduate internships […]

Presidential Historian Balances Past and Present in Politics

By MIA WILSON Presidential historian Jon Meacham provided perspective on today’s White House using the lens of the past at a presentation Thursday called “The Art of Leadership: Lessons from the American Presidency.” Meacham started broadly, noting the presidency is a reflection of the American population. “The presidency is in many ways a manifestation of […]

Ph.D. Student Highlights Results of Research about NATO’s Current Crisis

By TAD SCHNAUFER The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) formed in 1949 as an alliance to counter the rising threat of the Soviet Union in Europe. Seventy years later, the alliance has faced harsh criticism from both sides of the Atlantic. President Donald Trump has called the alliance “obsolete,” while President Emmanuel Macron of France […]