About Us


The Health Psychology Lab opened officially in the Fall of 2010. A number of graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of backgrounds have joined the team over the years. The laboratory has engaged in a broad and well-rounded program of research that reflects innovative and cutting edge themes throughout the fields of psychology and behavioral medicine.

The major topics of recent research coming from the lab have been in the areas of Psycho-gastroenterology, Aesthetic Health Psychology, and Quality of Life.

The Health Psychology Lab at UCF

Presently, the lab serves as an active training ground and research laboratory for the University of Central Florida and the surrounding community.

Our main goal to contribute to the advancement of psychological science. In particular, we focus on how physiological processes are related to psychological events. Our research invariably involves the interrelations of emotions, anxiety, stress, and medical illness. The laboratory is used to develop and evaluate of a variety of contemporary psychological treatments as well as the theory underlying our current understanding of mental illness. These objectives have allowed our team follow a variety of research domains.

Research in the lab is highly cooperative and follows a team science approach. Collaboration on projects ensures each member of the team has the opportunity to share knowledge and helps address a variety of perspectives in a single study. Each member of the team is a valued contributor to our work and we are always interested in considering new perspectives