Four AD&D Lab research assistants awarded funding

Congratulations to undergraduate researchers, Haily Follese, Trenton Lam, and Sadie Hughey, who have been awarded student research grants from the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and the Learning Institute for Elders (LIFE) at UCF! And congratulations to undergraduate lab manager, Zounaira Shahzad, on her LIFE at UCF Disability, Aging & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship!

The OUR of UCF helps to fund research done by passionate undergraduate researchers. The Al Dallago Undergraduate Gerontology Research Grant, sponsored by LIFE at UCF, helps to fund UCF research and scholars with a focus on aging.

Haily and team members Trenton Lam and Sadie Hughey, received awards from both OUR and LIFE to support their research project on technology and decision making in older adults. The LIFE at UCF scholarship to Zounaira will support her research training and education on social, psychological, and biological aspects of aging.