Belize 2016 GIS Study Abroad @ UCF

2016 Community Geographic Information Systems Study Abroad in Belize (Summer Session A @ UCF)

I am the program director for the “Geographic Information Systems in Belize: A Focus on Communities, Fieldwork and Service” course.

The 2016 Belize course runs for summer session A  We’ll spend one week on campus pre-trip at UCF, then 12 days in Belize, then one week post-trip on campus at UCF.  The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students of all majors.  No previous GIS experience required.  We are open to students from any college/university, not just Georgia State University.  This course is an extension of a similar program I co-founded at Georgia State University.

Check out this short video created by my graduate student, Adam Acker of Georgia State University, highlighting the 2015 course experience.  We expect to have a similar awesome research and learning experience in Belize in 2016 and beyond!  This international community GIS experience is unlike any other study abroad program in the country.  You’ll never regret it if you choose to join us for this incredible experience.