Welcome to Data Mining Lab!

The Department of Statistics & Data Science at the University of Central Florida (UCF) established a Data Mining Certificate Program in the Fall of 2000 and started its Master’s degree in Data Mining in the Fall of 2001. Data Mining is the process of exploration and analysis of large quantities of observational data in order to discover meaningful patterns and models. Data Mining is an exciting and evolving discipline, as it can lead to the discovery of previously unknown patterns in data for potential business advantage. Not only in business, but Data Mining techniques have also been widely applied to problems in science, engineering, and health, and it is believed that data mining will bring a profound impact on our world.

The award-winning Data Science Program at the University of Central Florida offers an established educational environment complemented with ongoing industrial collaborations. Officially established in 2000 at UCF and won two KDD Cup Prizes in 2004, the professional staff in the program has pioneered new techniques in data mining and has an ongoing collaboration with SAS® Institute, the world’s leading data mining software provider. Moreover, faculty members have established consulting relationships with industrial clients inspiring relevant research directions, student employment opportunities, and enhanced curriculum case studies.

Pre-eminent companies use Data Mining techniques to translate masses of raw data into valuable information for their business advantage, thus generating the need to have trained professionals to work in this field. The job market for this emerging area is superb with excellent remuneration and stable long-term prospects.

The aim of the Data Science Program is to train individuals to understand and apply data mining techniques to real-life problems, to solve problems with Enterprise Miner® software as well as to develop SAS® programming expertise.