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Welcome to the Media & Migration (MM) Lab at the University of Central Florida. The MM Lab is housed in the Department of Psychology.  The MM Lab is the only undergraduate research lab in the psychology department and is housed on the Orlando campus.

Research in the MM Lab brings attention to the ways in which mass media influences developmental processes. We also address immigration issues, such as acculturation and adaptation, and how they impact the academic performance of international and immigrant students. Our research focuses on the psychological and sociocultural factors within these domains that impact health compromising behaviors among adolescents and emerging adults through promoting undergraduate research.

The goals of the MM Lab are two-fold: (1) to contribute to the reduction of health compromising behaviors, minimization of stereotypical behaviors in media, and increase academic achievement among immigrant populations and (2) to promote, encourage, and enhance undergraduate research opportunities among psychology students at UCF.

One of the main focus points of the MM Lab is to promote undergraduate research in psychological science. Conducting research as an undergraduate student not only expands the student experience at UCF but also enhances student understanding and knowledge in psychology and clarifies student academic interests. Through the use of novel and innovative techniques, the MM Lab maintains a team composed strictly of undergraduate psychology majors to enhance their understanding of the research process, promote diversity in research, and enhance the opportunity of undergraduate psychology students at UCF. Research Assistants from the lab conduct Honors in the Major theses, win competitive scholarships for their work, win competitive scholarships to present their work at national conferences, and win highly competitive grants to promote their research.

photo 4 (2)Ledalis Zamora, Amanda Small, & Stephanie Rosales present their research at the 2014 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference in Miami, FL

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