Media Appearances

Media Appearances

Dr. Wright frequently publishes op-eds related to Fake News and other media related topics on her Everyday Media blog

Fact-Checking COVID-19 Health Related Misinformation

Erase or embrace: How should TV shows and movies depict the pandemic?

Debunking COVID vaccine myths and lies, from dumb to dangerous

Misinformation Spreads Like Wildfire

The Controversy on the Role of Social Media: Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories

Controlling the Spread of Misinformation

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Social Media “Fake News” Divides US

How Fake News Affects U.S. Elections

Fake News on Parler

Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

Coronavirus Fake News

COVID-19 Fake News

3-Fold Stress’ is Defining the Times and Making it Harder for All of Us to Cope

Four Questions to ask Yourself Before Posting on Social Media Right Now

Misinformation on Coronavirus is Proving Highly ContagiousĀ 

Combating Fake News During a Pandemic

How to Vet New Information on COVID-19

Coronavirus: UCF Latino Community Shares Concerns of Spread of Fake News

6 Facts About COVID-19 Doctors Want You to Understand

Fake News EpidemicĀ 

Dr. Wright was interviewed by Federica Sgorbissa for her Italian podcast series on fake news and coronavirus. The episode is titled “Fake News Epidemic” (Epidemia di fake news).


COVID-19 Fake News on Social Media