Processing Contributions

Foundation_Donation_Transmittal form


Monetary Contributions  

  • Phone Center
  • Annual fund – Alumni Friend and Companies
  • Annual Faculty & Staff Campaign
  • Royalty Revenue – agreement must be completed:
  • Assignment of Royalty Revenues (aka Royalty Revenue Agreement –1st download above
  • Direct Contribution (cash, check, credit card, payroll draft)
  • Donor must determine by writing on check or preparing memo where they want the funds placed

UPDATE! Complete Donation Transmittal form – 2nd download above –  (Navigation to form: Foundation website > Document Library > Accounting Forms > Donation Transmittal)

  • Make copy and bring original plus check to College of Sciences – Attention Ray Allen
  • Will be hand delivered to Foundation
  • Contributions could take up to 15 days to process and show in the system

Donation of Goods and Services                  

  • Goods are tax deductible – receive acknowledgement
  • Services are for recognition purposes only – receive a Thank You letter

Complete In Kind Gift Form – 3rd download above
Describe gift and value donor has given
Note: if value of the gifts is >$5,000, the donor should obtain an appraisal and attach a copy to the form