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Interested in becoming a member of the Savage lab?

Field Work

Research in our lab involves population genetics and disease ecology, and within that broad framework graduate student projects and interests are varied. Typically, Master’s and PhD students interested in joining the lab will work on questions involving evolutionary genetics, immunogenetics, functional genomics, or disease biology in amphibians or reptiles. I don’t expect students to work entirely on my research projects, and I especially encourage PhD students to develop their own research program, including writing grant proposals, acquiring research funds, and carving out their own area of expertise.

If you want to apply:

1. Check out the UCF Department of Biology website and UCF Biology Graduate Programs to learn more about Master’s and PhD programs, life sciences at UCF, and application deadlines.

2. Send me an email (Anna.Savage@ucf.edu) to tell me about your background, your research interests, and how you would fit into the lab.