Karin Chumbimuni-Torres

Associate Professor

Office: PSB 203

Lab: PSB 202

Phone: 407-823-2230

Email: Karin.ChumbimuniTorres@ucf.edu


Dr. Karin Y. Chumbimuni-Torres is an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at University of Central Florida (UCF). A native of Peru, she earned her Master’s and Doctoral degrees at University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. During her graduate studies she spent seven months at Auburn University in Alabama. After graduating, she worked at Purdue University for two years as a postdoctoral researcher developing ultrasensitive ion-based polymeric sensors. During that time, she also spent five months at the Biodesing Institute at Arizona State University. After Purdue, she worked at University of California in San Diego for two years, where she developed novel sensors for applications in nanomaterial-based bioanalysis of proteins, DNA, and bacteria among other analytes. Before moving to UCF, she was a research associated at University of Texas at San Antonio and studied adsorption of proteins to poly(dimethylsiloxane) surfaces and its effect on the adhesion of cells.

Curriculum Vitae

Post Doctorals

Marcos Foguel

Research: Development of new DNA sensors for different diseases.

Graduate Students

Parth Patel

Research: Synthesize and use metastable-state photoacids for various ion-sensing and energy related applications with fundamental aspects.


  • UCF Graduate Presentation Fellowship

Stephanie Armas

Research: Development and characterization of micro-sensor for the detection and monitoring of zinc uptake in citrus plants. Studying the fate of zinc upon application of bactericides.


  • Graduate McNair Masters Fellowship
  • UCF Graduate Presentation Fellowship
  • Martha Hitt Emerging STEM Scholars scholarship
  • NSF CAMP-YES research scholarships
  • OUR Research Grant

Mohammad Rostampour

Research: Microfluidic Paper-based analytical devices (µPADs).


  • UCF Graduate Presentation Fellowship

Ali Hahighat Mesbahi

Research: Synthesis and engineering application of light-sensitive compounds in the modulating solid-state wettability and conductivity of polyaniline flexible thin film. Also, I have a research background in Chemical Mechanical Polishing(CMP) slurries as well as the application of Machine Learning(ML) in materials science.


  • UCF Graduate Presentation Fellowship
  • Student Government Association Travel Award

Email: Ali.haghighatmesbahi@ucf.edu

Curriculum Vitae, Google Scholar, Linkedin

Undergraduate Students

Christopher Martin

Research: Development of new DNA sensors.

Juan Arias

Research: Fundamental aspects of metastable-state photoacids.

Andrea Bances-Monard

Research: Use of metastable-state photoacids for ion-sensing applications.

Cody Autrey

Research: Development of ion-selective electrodes.

Tiffany Trieu

Research: Development of new DNA sensors.


  • OUR Research Grant

Christopher Castro-Maymi

Research: Use of metastable-state photoacids for ion-sensing applications.

Angelica Balcarcel


Past Graduate & Post-Docs

Dawn Mills

Renan Gongora

Valentine K. Johns

Past Undergraduate

Enrique Blanco

Michelle Rich

Wynstona Louis

Samantha Mensah

Jeffer Pinzon

Courtney Hulce

Andrew Manhan

Kathryne Young

Kamry Samuel

Olivia Younce

Jimmy Boone

Gesca Borchardt

Shelly Hassett

Tremain Korley

Angelica Elsen

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