On the meeting days, you can park at any parking lot without parking permit, other than the reserved parking spaces or meter parking spaces. The reserved parking spaces have numbers on the ground of the parking spot.

The closest parking lots to the Mathematical Sciences Building are Parking lots B2 and B4. The easiest way to get to the parking lots B2 and B4 is by entering the UCF campus through the Central Florida Blvd. You turn right at the Gemini Blvd S and then turn left at the first traffic light at the Andromeda Loop N. Parking lot B2 is on the right and Parking lot B4 is on the left once you turn left again after you get to the Andromeda Loop N.

For further information, please contact the UCF Parking Services at 407-823-5812.

View of the Mathematical Sciences Building from the Parking Lot B2