Marianna Pensky

Department of Mathematics

Joint appointment with

Department of Statistics

University of Central Florida


Research Interests


Professional Service

E-mail: Marianna dot Pensky at ucf dot edu

Research Interests

Network models

Nonparametric statistics

Bayes and empirical Bayes theory

High-Dimensional Inference

Inverse Problems in Statistics

Statistical classification

Reliability theory and stress-strength problem

Applications of statistics in biology and medicine

Statistical inverse problems



Recent publications  (2000-now)

Selected Publications before 2000

Software: Analysis of Time Series Microarray Data

Professional Service

Chief Editor  (2021 – )                  Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference

Associate Editor  (2019-  )         Journal of the American Statistical Association

Associate Editor  (2022-  )        Annals of Statistics

Associate Editor (2009-2012)   Electronic Journal of Statistics

Associate Editor  (2009-2020 )         Journal of Nonparametric Statistics

Associate Editor  (2011- 2020)          Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference

Guest Editor    (2007-08, 2020-21)          Statistics Sinica