Do I need a reservation?

No. The MSC is a walk-in facility, we do not take reservations.


Do you have study sessions for specific courses at dedicated times/days?

No. At any time during our operating hours there are tutors able to assist you with any of the courses listed on our main webpage.


How does tutoring at the MSC work?

Come in, sign in at the station by the door, take a seat at any table, and place the red cup on the table on top of the blue one. This lets tutors know you need assistance!


How long can I stay?

As long as you wish. You may work on your own and ask for help every now and then, or work with a tutor throughout your entire visit. Just remember to check out when you are ready to leave!


How busy is the MSC?

It depends on the days (the day before/of a Calculus exam we may really busy!) and times (we are usually less busy between 9 and 11 am, and after 5:30 pm).


I am a UCF student but this semester I am taking my math class at another institution. Can I still use the MSC?



Do you offer online tutoring?

No, we are an in-person only facility.


Do you have a list of private tutors?

Unfortunately, no. However, do contact us about it and we will tell you if there are any options available at that time.


Can you help me with Statistics / Physics / Engineering classes?

Our tutors are not qualified to assist you with classes not taught by our Department. Please contact the Department teaching your course.