Meetings and conferences

IEEE Magnetic Frontiers Conference: March '23

Kent and del Barco coordinated and co-chaired the IEEE Magnetic Frontiers Quantum Technology Conference in spring of 2023 in Orlando, FL (Originally planned for October 2020 and then spring of 2021, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis). Magnetic Frontiers is the premier topical conference on emerging aspects of fundamental and applied magnetism. The forum provides a range of plenary and invited talks delivered by key researchers in the field as well as oral and poster presentations. As there are a small number of participants (about 80 people), the conference provides a unique environment for researchers to communicate and discuss the latest developments in the area of magnetism-related Quantum Technologies, present the latest developments of quantum technologies in the domains of spintronics, quantum information, simulation and sensors and their implementation using various platforms. The conference reunited several complementary topics associated to the research conducted by the MURI team on antiferromagnetic spintronics, including:

  • Emerging theory of Altermagnetism
  • Spin-related phenomena (e.g., spin dynamics in antiferromagnets, non-equilibrium phenomena, spin-oscillators and spin-torque switching)
  • Quantum phenomena in low dimensional materials (e.g. van-der Waals, III-V and topological insulator heterostructures)
  • Spin-based quantum sensing (e.g. NV microscopy)
  • Quantum information (e.g. spin qubits, Majorana fermions, topological states) and simulations

The conference serves as an efficient vehicle for the dissemination of the activities carried out by our team (some of the MURI PIs will be presenting), as well as offers opportunities to establish new collaborations with researchers in closely related research areas for the expansion and advance of the research goals of our project.