Houston – Day Four

Snapchat-20140723084109Those days where it quite literally rains on your parade are definitely the worst. We accomplished little today in the name of science thanks to the rain over the gulf. At one point, Kelly and I went on the plane to tape down foam and check on the tubes and a torrential downpour began. We were then trapped on the plane for upwards of an hour. Josh said getting stuck on the plane was my punishment for missing him in the line of view of the fun mounted GoPro on our flight yesterday. Then two minutes later he was stuck on the plane.

We were stuck because whenever there is lightning within six miles they sound an alarm. The alarm means get indoors or stay indoors until told to the coast is clear. Then, once there hasn’t been any lightning for ten minutes they will send an announcement letting know the coast is clear.

20140723_142630Once we found out that we were officially rained out of any flights for the day, we began working to change out the particles in the tubes. All of them but one were filled with quart sand but we decided to help cut down on cleaning time and to be able to get a better visual on the interaction of particles to change the sand out for rocks and beads

The whole team worked quickly and we were out of the hangar and back t the hotel by 2:30 pm. Feeling a little disappoi20140723_142646nted, most of the team decided to kick back in the pool for a little bit of time before dinner

At 6:30, we attended a BBQ social with the other teams on the flights with us at Rudy’s BBQ. With Addie’s nudge, I took the chance to talk to the USIP team from Carthage College and in particular their social media and marketing person. She had a lot of great ideas and it was interesting to be able to bounce off ideas and things we learned this past year off one another.


All in all, we were a little let down by the rain, but we’ll bounce back for tomorrow and hope for the best– double flights tomorrow.

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