Houston – Day Three

TODAY WAS THE DAY! The first flight day!! Team Awesome popped out of bed with much enthusiasm because today would be the first time they would ever experience weightlessness. We were ready!IMG_3961

We turned the corner to the hangar and just seeing the plane, Kelly and I could not help but squeal and jump. We scurried into the High Bay and began getting into our flight suits before our pre-flight briefing.

IMG_2436Once we were ready to go, we went into the briefing room and talked about the anti-motion sickness medicine. The doctor was an interesting guy, but in the end we were all glad we took the medicine. I even got up to hold Kelly’s hand because she hates needles… TEAMWORK!

Once we finished that briefing and got the medicine, we began loading the test tubes onto the plane. After getting the medicine though, walking to and from the plane was quite difficult.

We had our final safety briefing since obviously riding on this plane safely is a lot different than riding on a normal commercial flight.IMG_2437

Team Awesome boarded the plane and the excitement built like when you’re waiting in line for the new ride at Harry Potter World! IMG_2434

The flight took off and we swiftly readied everything for the parabolas. For the first parabola, we simply got to experience what it was like to float in zero gravity and get our bearings before getting to work.

For me, zero gravity was the greatest thing I have ever experienced. To float up, with no effort, touch the ceiling and stay there like Charlie in the bubble room on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.IMG_4006

“It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever felt,” said Kelly, our student lead. IMG_3975

“I enjoyed the crap out of it,” said Chris, at a loss for words at how amazing it was.IMG_4010


When we landed, we couldn’t even figure out how to explain the feelings or excitement we experienced to the other half of the team. We ate lunch and then began prepping tubes for tomorrow’s flight. IMG_4028

While as a team we were ecstatic to have not gotten sick, the medicine’s side-effects  stuck around for quite some time. We were at dinner and Kelly said, “I still feel lightheaded and everything is still moving in slow motion,” which was over six hours later.

It was great to wind down with the team by playing a long game of Cards Against Humanity. We’re definitely ready for our double flight day tomorrow! Get excited Team Brilliant!




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