Summary of Current Research

General Areas: Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Specific Areas:

  1. Photoelectron Spectroscopy
    1. Studies of Resonances near the thresholds of Neutral atom or atomic ion
    2. Non-dipole effects in the angular distribution of photoelectrons
    3. Photodetachment of Negative Ions
    4. Studies of relativistic effects on photoionization of Atoms
  2. Low-energy Electron-atom Collisions
    1. Elastic Scattering of low energy electrons by atoms and ions
    2. Excitation of atoms and ions by low energy electrons
    3. Ionization of Atoms and Ions by Low energy electron Impact

We carry out State-of-the-Art calculations on the above mentioned areas using the Sophisticated MCHF method which we have developed and constantly modifying to understand the role of electron correlation and polarization effects into the dynamics of electronic motion involved in the photoionization of atoms and excitation and ionization of atoms by electron impact. We collaborate with experimental groups in many National Laboratories, like Oak Ridge, Argon, Lowrence Berkeley and Lowrence Livermore in the USA and also abroad, who are engaged in performing experimental measurements on the above-mentioned areas. We analyze and interpret the experimental observations and compare our accurate theoretical results with the experimental measurements to test the merit of our theory. Our investigations provide not only excellent agreement with, but also physical explanations of experimental data over a broad range of photon and electron energies. Our research has applications in Astrophysics, Radiation physics and chemistry and Plasma physics.