A Summer of Walkabouts!

We’re back from our summer semi-break and geared up for a full new season of Walkabout the Galaxy. Over the summer we didn’t just soak up the Sun, though. Check out these episodes if you need to catch up on your Walkabout backlog.

In Wouldn’t You Like to Hayabusa Too? we check in on the Japanese asteroid explorer that is going to grab a sample of some ancient solar system asteroid stuff and bring it back to Earth. It’s arrived at its destination.

In What Goes Around Comes Around the astroquarks cover some orbital dynamics for orbits of moons, planets and asteroids, but also satellites we launch into space in connection with a new report that suggests that most asteroids can be traced back to just a handful of “parent” planetoids billions of years ago.

In The Little Neutrino That Could, we check in on the other (aside from gravitational waves) kind of non-light astronomy: looking at the elusive neutrino. One was found by the eminently cool Ice Cube neutrino observatory at the Earth’s south pole and it was traced back to a black hole in a distant galaxy a long time ago.

In Really Real Actual Water IN Mars. Probably. we (once again) take a look at new evidence for H2O on the fourth rock from the Sun. This time there is evidence for liquid water in a sub-surface “lake”. One last bastion of brine for Martians to hang out in?

Rounding out our summer of episodes is another watery drop, this one from the Moon. The poles of Earth, Mars and the Moon all got featured this summer. The south pole of the Moon may have water ice at the surface. Exciting news for future explorers, including robots, to make some rocket fuel.

Every episode of course has a unique sponsor, space news, and trivia to test your intuition and knowledge about anything and everything space-related.