AD&D Lab Members Win Judges’ Choice Awards


Congrats to our three AD&D Lab members who were selected for Judge’s Choice awards at the 2023 UCF Student Scholar Symposium! The studies presented include one 2nd year Ph.D. student project and two Honors Undergraduate Thesis projects.

Awardees and poster info (left to right):

  • Jordan Schotz (Ph.D. student), Nichole Lighthall: Revisiting Visual Cues of Trustworthiness in a Believable Social Environment: Unique Effects of Social vs. Nonsocial Cues on Trust-related Behavior.”

  • Trenton Lam (undergrad RA, honors thesis project), Jordan Schotz, Nichole Lighthall: The Effects of Past Betrayals on Trust Behavior¬†Across Online and In-Person Studies.”

  • Katina Chris (undergrad RA, honors thesis project), Mustapha Mouloua, Nichole Lighthall, Jordan Schotz: “The Role of Multitasking and Technology Use in Vigilance Performance and Processing Speed.”