AD&D Lab students receive society research awards

The Scientific Research Network on Decision Neuroscience and Aging (SRNDNA) selected two AD&D Lab students for research awards.

PhD student Lindsay Conner received an SRNDNA Mentorship/Collaboration Award, which will provide funding to support her training in advanced neuroimaging analysis under the mentorship of Dr. Tor Wager at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr. Wager uses cutting-edge neuroimaging methods and analysis to study brain mechanisms underlying pain, emotion, and motivation.

Incoming undergraduate research assistant Michael Gordon received an SRNDNA Diversity Summer Research Award, which will provide funding to support his training in behavioral research on decision making in aging. Michael will contribute to studies that examine how age affects learning about health topics and risky decision options.

Congratulations to Lindsay and Michael!

Kylie Fernandez receives Graduate Student Research Award at SEPA

Congratulations to AD&D Lab PhD student, Kylie Fernandez, on receiving the Graduate Student Research Award at the 2018 Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) Annual Meeting. Kylie’s talk entitled, “Predictors of Bias: Roles of Attention and Estimation Frame Incongruence” was selected as the best graduate student research at this regional meeting of the American Psychological Association. She also received a Human Factors & Cognitive Psychology PhD Program travel award to support her presentation at SEPA. Well done, Kylie!

Lindsay Conner receives Summer Mentoring Fellowship


Congratulations to AD&D Lab PhD student, Lindsay Conner, on receiving an award from the UCF Summer Mentoring Fellowship Program. Lindsay, along with three other incoming Psychology grad students (pictured here), took part in this campus-wide competitive fellowship program. The program provides funding support from the College of Graduate Studies for underrepresented students to complete summer research projects before they begin graduate school. Lindsay’s summer project study examined consumer decision-making processes through brain imaging. She presented her preliminary findings at the fellowship showcase in front of an interdisciplinary audience of students and faculty. For more highlights, read the College of Sciences Newsletter story here.