Mission Statement:
It is our intent and purpose to provide students with educational as well as entertaining activities within the realm of psychology. We aim to serve as a forum for students to discuss psychology, its related issues and how it affects student life. This organization also seeks to provide students with exposure and insight into the different areas of psychology, volunteer opportunities, graduate programs and prospective employment opportunities.

Why Join Us?

  • Participate in workshops exclusively for members
  • Resume/CV building
  • Meet other students with your same interest
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Hands on Experience/Fieldwork
  • Career Building
  • Graduate School Preparation

How to Join:

A. Go to our Knight Connect page. Then press the blue “sign-in” button on the top right-hand side of the screen (login with your NID and Password if necessary).
B. Scroll below the introduction video to find a Google link to the “Membership Application Form”, then fill this form out.
C. Pay dues to $Psychsocietyclub or in person at one of our biweekly meetings.
D. Log on to our Discord page and put your first and last name in the "names" channel.

Our Point System

Our Point System was created to track the achievements of our members. After becoming a paid member, you can record your achievements as shown on the Point Tracker Sheet. These are downloadable by clicking on the "Forms" menu at the top of this screen. These  Point Tracker sheets are turned in at the end of the semester digitally through a Google Form that will open in the last month of the semester and are reviewed by the Executive Board Officers. The primary function of these point system trackers is to award members with an official Psychological Society cord and stole in their senior year. After achieving 25 of these points, all seniors (by credit hours) can earn these materials free of charge.

Psychological Society General Meeting5
*for cords and stoles maximum of 15 ponts
Psychological Society Social3
Events from other Psych Related Organizations (Psi Chi, Active Minds, KMPSA, Psych Knights)3
Events from non-psych organizations
Workshops (CAPS, PsychAdvising, MSC, Greendot, UCF Advocates, etc)1.5
Volunteering w/ any organization2
*per hour
Internship (must be active for current semester)
**if active over summer, it counts for the following Fall semester
Sona (any SONA study you participate in).5
*per study
RA (must be active in current semester)
**if you were an RA over summer, it counts for the following Fall semester.
TA (must be active in current semester)
**if you were a TA over summer, it counts for the following Fall semester
*+.5 if the course is on the course catalog for Psych program
Active in the Mentor/Mentee Program3
Kaplan Signup2
Kaplan Referral .5
*per referral

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