Theses and Dissertations

Recent Dissertations

Emily Broksch: Employee volunteering: Integrating the volunteering and helping literatures using a latent profile approach

Richard Currie: None of your beeswax: Affective trust explains why coworker nosiness predicts knowledge provision at work

Recent Master’s Theses

Emily Broksch: Lego my ego: The puzzling role of self-esteem and goal orientation on appraisals of unsolicited help

Colleen Cui: How do you feel about your entitled coworker? Effects of perceiver’s entitlement and impact type on reactions to workplace entitlement

Richard Currie: Group composition characteristics as predictors of shared leadership: An exploration of competing models of shared leadership emergence

Michael DiStaso: Assessing stress outcomes of interpersonal helping: An application of hindrance stress appraisals

Alexandra Kandah: Predicting implementation citizenship behavior rating discrepancies between supervisor-subordinate dyads

Emily Macias: Can feeling like an imposter be favorable? A qualitative study on the role of appraisal in harnessing the imposter phenomenon for growth

Sarah Rabon: Online organizational citizenship behavior: An exploration of new avenues for prosocial behavior in the digital age

Ann Schlotzhauer: An examination of gender-based differences in perceptions of supervisor support

Barret Vermilion: The dialectics of ambivalent identification in the supervisor-subordinate dyad

Meghan Kane: The trickle-down effects of manager gratitude expression