Meet the Psychology Advising Team

Your Psychology Peer Advisors are Junior and Senior level Psychology majors just like you! Since they have taken or are currently taking a lot of psychology courses, they know whatcourses go well together. They are great at helping you plan what courses you need to meet your Psych degree requirements!



Hi! My name is Brynn. I am a senior majoring in Psychology on the Clinical Psychology track and minoring in Human Services. After I graduate, I plan on going to the UCF Counselor Education School Counseling graduate program in order to become a School Counselor in a High School setting. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and volunteering at my church!



Hey everyone! My name is Denitsa and I am a sophomore on the clinical track. I am also an international student. I have a Criminal Justice minor and two certificates: Behavioral Forensics and Criminal Profiling. After I graduate, I plan on going to grad school for Forensic Psychology. Outside of school, I am a Guardian Advocate with the Central Florida Mental Health Association, and I am also involved in the Psychological Society on campus. I like reading crime novels and watching documentaries in my free time!



Hey! My name is Sarah and I am a senior here at UCF. I am majoring in Psychology in the Human Factors Track. I also have two minors: Music and Statistics. After I graduate, I hope to eventually get my Masters, and maybe even my Doctorates! When I am not working or studying, I enjoy cuddling with my cat and watching Netflix and Hulu! Also, If you couldn’t tell by my photo, I am member of the UCF Marching Band.



Hello everyone! I’m Anna, and I am a third-year psychology major on the clinical track with future aspirations to earn a doctorate and become a professor and/or my licensure to become a LMHC. I currently work as a counseling center’s administrative assistant, a UTA and research assistant, and as an editor for UCF’s Her Campus. Besides psychology, I love exploring, creative endeavors (photography, literature, film), fitness, and being active!



Hi everyone! My name is Chris and I’m a senior majoring in Psychology (Clinical track) with a minor in Human Services. After I

graduate I plan on pursuing a Master’s degree in social work and eventually become a LCSW. I’m also a UTA and a peer mentor for the CREAR Futuros program. Outside of school I enjoy eating things I haven’t tried before, cooking, watching Netflix, and playing video games.


Hello everyone! My name is Kristal, and I am a senior here at UCF. I am a psychology major on the general track. I hope to graduate Spring 2022, and I’m feeling excited for this upcoming year. My goals after graduation consist of working towards my MA in either clinical mental health counseling or marriage, couple, and family therapy. My favorite class so far has been Sleep and Dreams, as I am highly interested in the mechanisms of the subconscious mind. In my free time, I like vibing to music, watching reality TV, and playing with my cat. I’m looking forward to helping anyone that I can!


Hi everyone! My name is Isis-Leilani and I am a senior majoring in the clinical track of psychology. My hope after graduating is to go to graduate school and then get my masters. After that I hope to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). In my free time I enjoy films, painting, and having deep discussions about almost any topic. I look forward to helping you all!



Hello! My name is Janelle and my pronouns are she/her. I am a senior here at UCF majoring in Psychology, specifically the clinical track. After I graduate, I plan on pursuing my Master’s Degree and potentially becoming either a licensed therapist or counselor. During my free time, I enjoy traveling, singing, playing the piano and ukulele, and composing music. As the Psychology Advising Team has guided me tremendously in the past, I look forward to helping everyone to the best of my ability!



Hi! My name is Sara and I’m a sophomore majoring in Psychology on the clinical track. I took many dual enrollment classes in high school so I will hopefully be graduating early in Summer 2022! After graduation, I plan on attending graduate school for School Psychology. I am also a Peer Educator for UCF CAPS. Outside of school, I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies and shows, listening to music, thrifting, traveling, and working out with UCF’s CHAARG club!


Are you interested in becoming a Peer Advisor for Fall 2022? It is a 3 semester commitment starting in Fall. Turn in your resume and completed Peer Advising Internship App form before the summer 2022 deadline. 2021 Peer Advising Internship Application Be prepared to interview and complete training soon after. UCF Career Services can help you with resume and interview tips!

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