Undergraduate Psychology Advising

Personal Statement Tips

  • All programs are different and may ask different personal statements from you. Be sure to read carefully and find out exactly what the program is asking for. ¬†Each essay should reflect the information per program that you’re applying to. In some instances, you may be writing an entirely different essay per program.
  • Purdue OWL Personal Statement Tips
  • Make sure the program you are applying to is the best fit for you and explain in your statement why you are the best fit for the program. Be as specific as possible in explaining your experiences and how they match what the program is looking for.
  • Your personal statement should be about 2-3 pages double spaced unless specified by the graduate program you’re applying to.
  • You will want to keep it simple, concise, and clear so that the graduate program can understand your story and purpose, but be sure to write at a graduate level.
  • Try to include information such as:
    • What makes you a unique candidate
    • What have you accomplished towards this field
    • What specific event took place that confirmed your interest in this field
    • What is your vision of your future after this graduate program
    • Who are you looking forward to working for/under/ or with in the program
    • What classes are you excited to take in that program.
  • Have everyone review your personal statement and ask them to critique it! This may include those that are writing your letters of recommendation, your supervisor, your parent, or your friends!
  • Have your letter critiqued by a Career Counselor in Career Services. Drop-In hours 10am-3pm in CSEL but it is best to call 407-823-2361 and make an appointment. career.ucf.edu
  • Have your statement reviewed by the University Writing Center to check for grammar and sentence structure. uwc.ucf.edu