Lab Alumni

Even though the WSC lab was formed less than 10 years ago, we believe we have an alumni network worth bragging about! Read below to see where some of our graduated members are at today.

Kaitlyn R. Erb, PhD

Member from 2013-2015

“During my time in the lab, I worked on projects related to counterproductive work behaviors and parent/child work ethic. My dissertation focused on moral disengagement and person/situation interactions in the workplace.”

Kaitlyn is currently consulting at CMA (St. Louis, MO)

“Much of my work focuses on helping family businesses, especially during generational transitions and succession planning. My other favorite projects include organizational culture analyses, assessments for development, and employee surveys.”

Clair Reynolds Kueny, PhD

Member from 2012-2016

Her thesis was on the moderating effect of social skill on proactive behavior and stress, blame attributions, and perceptions of greed. Her dissertation focused on understanding within-team dynamics’ influence on proactive behavior and member interactions.

Clair is currently an Assistant Professor in I/O Psychology at Missouri University of Science & Technology (Rolla, MO)
“We have a terminal I/O Master’s program as part of our Psychological Science Department and that is the program I spend most of my time working with.”

Aaron Van Groningen, MS

Member from 2012-2015
“While I was in the OHP lab I was involved in several projects related to social support in the workplace. My current dissertation topic is concerned with the impact of socially aversive traits on workplace social support and the work-life interface.”
Aaron is currently an Organizational Development Consultant at Hicks-Carter-Hicks (St. Louis, MO)

   Elizabeth Rupprecht, PhD

Member from 2011-2015
“My colleagues and I worked on projects in the areas of employee health and wellness, leadership, and online venting. My dissertation focused on the interrelationships between job stressors, stress appraisals, centrality of work to one’s self-concept, and job performance. “
Elizabeth has worked for the Army Research Institute, led a Congressional-mandated program evaluation, and mentored post-doctoral and graduate students. She now leads a pre-hire assessments team at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Alli Maurer, PhD

Member from 2011-2015
She wrote her thesis on predicting hiring managers’ weights of human capital characteristics when making selection judgments. Her dissertation focused on high quality resumes as a reflection of a high quality job search process.
Alli is currently an Assistant Professor of Data Analytics at the University of Indianapolis.

UrielUriel Ronquillo, MS

Member from 2016-2017

An East-Orlando native, Uriel received his BS in Psychology from the University of Central Florida while working in the Team Training and Workforce Development Laboratory. Previously, he has participated in research on assessment centers and team efficacy but his current interests have expanded beyond teams and training to include stress and coping in the workplace. He graduated from UCF with his MS in I-O psychology in 2018.