Proud to Serve as Your Florida Geography Steward with National Geographic

As of April 2018, I am deeply honored, excited, and humbled to be named The Florida Geography Steward with National Geographic. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving my assistant professor role at UCF. This unique opportunity enhances our work at UCF and leverages partnership opportunities to support geographic education and research across Florida and beyond.

What does this new state leadership role entail? I will energetically work with folks across Florida and the southeast region to strengthen geographic education and opportunities for teachers, the general public, and (most importantly) science’s next generation! I am thrilled to be back with National Geographic. Many of you here might remember I served as the Georgia Geographic Alliance Coordinator with National Geographic before I left Georgia and my previous university. The hardest part of that move was losing my connection to National Geographic.

My commitment to Florida and geography education: As a public scholar, a passionate educator, and as a father, I am ecstatic to be back working with National Geographic partners, and am deeply committed to supporting geographic education across Florida through our team’s work at UCF and through all the new partnerships we will develop and learn from as we meet new people committed to geographic education in Florida! Big things can happen when partners work together toward shared goals. Here’s to the beginning of an incredible partnership!! For education friends in Florida, please drop me a note (or leave a comment here) to tell me how we can work together to enhance geographic education across the state! Together, everything is possible. Let’s be creative, passionate, and committed to serving science’s next generation across our great state!