The Full Report for the Division 46 Task Force on the Sexualization of Popular Music, chaired by Dr. Wright, is now available.

The MM Lab currently has 8 Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Daniel Amaral is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics. He will graduate in Spring 2020 and plans to enroll in a PhD program focusing on Social Psychology. He wants get his doctorate, and to study different aspects of altruism and authority. Daniel currently helps facilitate the UCF writing club Knights of the Pen, and in his free time writes his novel, does video editing, and reads speculative science fiction.

Alaysia Herndon

Tina Ho is currently a senior at UCF majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics. She plans to graduate in the summer of 2019. After graduating, she plans to attend graduate school to earn a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She loves working with children and frequently volunteers to teach and coordinate activities for the children at her church. She is also interested in doing further research in the areas of depression and suicide.

Emily Hynson is currently a Junior at UCF double majoring in Psychology and Health Sciences Pre-Clinical. She plans on graduating in the Spring of 2019 with hopes of attending graduate school for Clinical Psychology. In graduate school, she strives to pursue her Ph.D and in the future open her own private practice. At UCF, she currently is on the Morale team for Knight-Thon. Outside of UCF, she spends her free time working at an Italian ice shop, volunteering, and traveling.

Kelsea Johannes is a senior majoring in Psychology. She received her AA from the University of North Florida and transferred to the University of Central Florida last Fall. She plans to graduate in 2019 and attend graduate school after that. She is passionate about learning and exploring the science of psychology. She also has strong interests in Criminal Justice and Social Work and would love to end up working in the Criminal Justice System. She is interested in researching topics relating to forensic psychology as well as humanistic psychology. In her free time she works as an extended day teacher and enjoys reading true crime novels and pretending to have a green thumb!

James Langer is currently a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Sciences.  He will graduate in the Spring of 2019 and expects to enroll in a Clinical Psychology PhD program afterwards.  In graduate school, he plans to conduct research concerning substance use and abuse.  Ultimately, he aspires to pursue a psychology career that includes not only research but teaching and counseling as well.  At UCF, James is currently an active member of the Psi Chi International Honor Society and is beginning research on an Honors in the Major thesis through the Burnett Honors College.

Elizabeth Raatma is currently a sophomore studying Psychology at the University of Central Florida. She plans on pursuing a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology in hopes of one day opening up her own private practice. In her free time, she performs slam poetry and music. She is the treasurer of Project: S.P.I.T., a student organization on campus that creates a welcoming community among young poets and artists.

Megan Tompkins is a rising senior at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. In Fall 2018, she will work as a Teaching Assistant for the only Sport Psychology course offered at UCF and hopes to TA the following spring, as well. Expected to graduate a year early in Spring 2019, Megan will continue on to graduate school to earn her masters in Sports Psychology. She hopes to work in team sports or with individual athletes. Eventually, she would like to earn her Ph.D in Child Psychology and conduct research relating to development and participation in sports, specifically in those who are in some form of halfway house.



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