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Travel Awards

Biology Department Graduate Travel Grant

Travel dates: October 1st – February 28th, 2020

Funding amount: $450 for international travel, $250 for domestic travel

Guidelines: A faculty committee will select the best applications.  Faculty will not evaluate students for whom they serve as major advisors.

Application procedures: Students will submit a one-page summary (12 pt. Arial font, 1 inch page margins) explaining the significance of the travel to the student’s research. A second page will include the student’s name, contact information, a detailed budget and budget justification.

Application deadlines: Look out for an email Ken!

Award method: Reimbursement from department accounts. If you are awarded funds you will have to work with Karen Reinemund in 302 to complete the required forms both before and after your trip.

Note: The Travel Grant does not support research-related travel (e.g. travel to field sites, laboratory expenses, etc.), as the Graduate Research Grant (TBA) now serves this need.

Biology Department Graduate Research Award

Funding amount: up to $1000

**Only students who have passed their thesis/dissertation proposal defense by the time funds are awarded are eligible for this award.**

Purpose: Help defray research expenses associated with thesis or dissertation projects. Can be used for supplies for sample collection or processing, research equipment, transportation or lodging for field work, workshops, etc.

Application deadline: Friday, April 13, 2018

Application procedures: Submit a maximum two-page proposal (11pt. Aeial font, single spaced, 1 inch page margins) explaining the significance of the proposed research activities to the student’s thesis or dissertation project. Third page must include student’s name, contact information, a detailed budget and budget justification.

Note: This award is for research activities conducted between May 1, 2018, and May 1 , 2019.

UCF College of Graduate Studies Presentation Fellowship

Funding amount:

  • International travel not in Mexico or Canada: $800
  • Within US, Mexico, or Canada: $500
  • In-state: $300

Guidelines: Awarded to students presenting at an academic meeting or conference. Your abstract must have already been accepted for you to attend. Students must be enrolled at the time of the award and the time of the conference to be eligible. Only one application per student may be funded in an academic year. Must be enrolled during the semester that you will be presenting (including summer).

Application procedures: Login to, and navigate to the Student Center. Scroll down to the Graduate Students section, click the choose Graduate Form dropdown, and select Presentation Fellowship App. Complete the application and attach separate files containing your abstract and proof of conference acceptance (usually an email). Within 5 days of your return from the conference, you must submit proof of attendance and complete the Presentation Fellowship Report on Requires abstract and letter (or email confirmation) of acceptance to present at conference.

Application deadlines:

  • Fall Application Deadline: November 1
    Presentations completed during the Fall 2016 semester
  • Spring Application Deadline: April 1
    Presentations completed during the Spring 2017 semester
  • Summer Application Deadline: April 10
    Presentations completed during the Summer 2017 semester

Award method: Deposit of funds into your university account; if you have no outstanding charges on your account and direct deposit set up, it will then disburse to your bank account in a few days. If you don’t have direct deposit set up, they will mail you a check to whatever address you have listed at the University.

Note: This award is very useful because they give you the money ahead of time, and usually it happens within a couple weeks! Just be sure to submit your conference report promptly upon your return.

UCF Student Government Associate Conference Registration and Travel Committee

Funding amount: up to $250

Guidelines: all applicants must be financially trained; register for training at the link found here: Note that the financial training expires at the end of each fiscal year. Funding requests must be submitted at least 4-6 weeks before travel is to occur, and 6-8 weeks if travelling internationally. SGA cannot pay for things that you have already paid for! Must be enrolled during the semester that you will be presenting (including summer). Application requires an itinerary of the conference (schedule from the website or correspondence from conference committee), NOT a letter of acceptance…and depending on what you are applying for, documentation (proof of registration cost, 3 quotes for lodging, 3 quotes for airfare)

Application procedures: complete and submit your CRT Individual Allocation form to the SGA office on the 2nd floor of the student union (room 214). After submission, you then have to attend a CRT committee meeting in room 214 of the student union, which are held Mondays at 4:30 PM. At the meeting, you will have to explain to the committee why your travel benefits you and the university as a whole. Assuming you are approved, set up a meeting with an SGA accountant for them to set up the purchase of whatever it is you need.

Application deadline: 4-6 weeks before you need the money

Award method: The SGA accountant will pay for up to $250 or the total purchase, whichever is lower. Payments will only be made in person with the accountant at your appointment time, if it’s more than $250 the accountant will pay for the entire purchase and you must be ready to pay the difference

Notes: This award is the biggest hassle of the three, but if you really need that $250 it is there for you. SGA has run out of money to fund these awards in the past, so as soon as you figure out that you need the money, apply for the award! Show up at least 30 minutes early on the day you will attend the CRT meeting, as applicants are seen in the order which they arrived; it is routine for them to not get to everyone and then you’ll have spent 2 hours waiting for no reason, only to have to do it all again the next week. Also, count on the undergrads at the CRT meeting to be completely disinterested in everything you are saying. The CRT Individual allocation form is now completely online on Knights connect (NID login). If it says the incorrect meeting time on the application check the CRT committee website and confirm with the chair. Can apply for this once per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Students applying to international conferences or international students should know that Business Services needs a minimum of 4 to 6 business weeks in order to process purchases for foreign travel, and for non-native citizens. This does not account for SGA and A&SF’s standard processing time.

This can be a confusing one but any further questions can be answered by the CRT committee chair ar

BGSA Travel Award in Memory of Boyd Lyon


BGSA Travel Award in Memory of Boyd Lyon

The Biology Graduate Student Association distributes an award for conference travel to an outstanding BGSA member each semester to assist members in presenting their research.  This award was renamed the Boyd Lyon Memorial Travel Award in 2006 in memory of Boyd Lyon, a graduate student and a member of the turtle research crew who passed away while conducting turtle research.  Boyd believed that it was important for researchers to travel to conferences to present research, share ideas, and participate in the scientific community.

To apply for the student travel award, you must be an active member of BGSA and follow the guidelines outlined in the application.

  •  Spring TAMBL Application Deadline: 1 March – Judge results: Monday before last Friday of March 
    • Award offered: 31 March 
    • Conference dates: May – October of that year
  •  Fall TAMBL Application Deadline: 1 September – Judge results: Monday before last Friday of September 
    • Award offered: 30 September 
    • Conference dates: November of that year – April of following year 
  • Dividing the funds is at the discretion of the application reviewers.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Vice-President
  • Applications must include: Application form, Single PDF containing Abstract, Event Statement, and budget justification, and Financial Need Statement( This document should have only a PID, no name), proof of acceptance if available, Statement of conflicts of interest or judging concerns.
  • Please click the link below to download the application.
  • Send application into the current Vice-President (e-mail address can be found on the Officers page).
  •  Awardees are required to present a slide during at the BGSA general meeting following the event and briefly discuss the experience (exciting new info, general thoughts, new skills, etc.) and be available to teach or explain further to interested BGSA members 
  •  Students planning on traveling together may submit a group application, with a shared Budget and Financial Need. Each student is still required to submit an Abstract and Event Statement. 
  • BGSA_TAMBL Evaluation Rubric
  • BGSA_TAMBL Application Form

Past Recipients

Spring 2019  You?

Fall 2018

Spring 2018   Miles Zhang

Fall 2017         Katie Mercier

Spring 2016     Hester Dingle

Fall 2015         Rhett Rautsaw

Spring 2015    Jason Strickland and Kendra Cope

Fall 2014        Derek Woller

Spring 2014    Vicki Villanova

Fall 2013         Derek Woller

Spring 2013    Molly Grace

Fall 2012         Simona Ceriani

Spring 2012     Sam Yuan

Spring 2011     Simona Ceriani

Fall 2010          Ashley Iketani

Spring 2008     Camille Brescacin

Fall 2007          Simona Ceriani

Spring 2007     Rachel Morgan, Tangi Smallwood, and Allyson Fenwick (co-recipients)