The UCF Marine Turtle Research Group (MTRG) research program focuses on sea turtle biology, ecology, behavior, and conservation across all sea turtle life stages—from eggs to adults. The MTRG provides field-based educational and research opportunities to students, and scientific advisory service to local, state, and international science and management entities. Our field sites include long-term nesting beach and coastal juvenile sea turtle research programs within Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge and the Indian River Lagoon in central Florida, and oceanic “lost years” tracking work in the Gulf of Mexico, North and South Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

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Prospective Students

The Marine Turtle Research Group (MTRG) supports both Master’s and doctoral research. The MTRG’s research is very field-intensive. It is essential that prospective students be interested in field work, are self-motivated, and work well as part of a team.

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