The Marine Turtle Research Group (MTRG) supports both Master’s and doctoral research. The MTRG’s research is very field-intensive. It is essential that prospective students be interested in field work, are self-motivated, and work well as part of a team.

Space for graduate students in the MTRG lab is limited. The number of students joining the lab in any given year is directly dependent on lab funding, the number of current students, and project needs. Before applying to the UCF Conservation Biology program to join Dr. Mansfield’s lab, please first confirm if space is available for new students. Below are some tips and information to help prospective students:

  • Application deadlines are December 1 for a fall (August) matriculation.
  • To find out if Dr. Mansfield is considering taking new students for the next academic year, email her in the fall prior to the application deadline (~August – October at the latest). 
  • In your email, attach a CV or resume and include a short synopsis of your research interests.
  • Please do not call.
  • Be patient. Dr. Mansfield receives a large number of emails from prospective students and may not be able to respond to everyone.
  • For the M.S. or the Ph.D. program in the Biology Department, you MUST contact a faculty member to develop a rapport and eventually obtain a commitment from that advisor to supervise you.
  • The UCF Biology Department’s graduate selection committee determines acceptance; however, it is vital for your application that a faculty member wants you to join their lab, otherwise, you will be not be considered.
  • If you apply for an external fellowship (e.g., NSF) and state that you will be doing research in Dr. Mansfield’s lab, please make sure you first discuss this with Dr. Mansfield before submitting your external fellowship application.
  • The College’s minimum criteria for acceptance is a GPA’s >3.0.
  • For more information on the application process, please see the UCF Biology website.


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