Founded in the late 1970’s, the UCF Marine Turtle Research Group (MTRG) focuses on research, education, and scientific advisory service related to sea turtle ecology, biology, and conservation. At any given time, the MTRG is comprised of up to seven graduate students, 12 undergraduate interns or research assistants, 5-8 part time employees, and volunteers.



Graduate Students




2018 Assistant Field Researchers:

Jason Hendershot,  Rachel Santulli, Becky Smith, Taylor Coyle, Mackenzie Tackett, Kayla Burandt, Mitch Meads.

2018 Interns:

Taylor Collins, Mia El-khazen, Sarah Shaver, Tori Howard, Tamara Lee, Samantha Heckey, Briana McIntosh, Corinna Donnelly-Martin, Jessica Dehn, Monica Reusch, Danae Pugh.


Janet Hochella, Jim Stevenson.

Recent Alumni:

Simona Ceriani (Ph.D.), Kendra Cope (M.S), Ryan Chabot (M.S.).