Dr. Kate Mansfield is an Associate Professor and director of the Marine Turtle Research Group in the Biology Department. She was hired in 2013 to take over the Marine Turtle Research Group, a UCF “legacy program” and long-term sea turtle research lab. Dr. Mansfield trained as a marine scientist and sea turtle biologist, and started working with sea turtles in 1994.  She has since worked on various sea turtle research projects and initiatives with state, federal, academic, and private groups up and down the US east coast, through parts of the Caribbean, Central and South America, and in the Indian Ocean.

Dr. Mansfield is a strong proponent for experiential, hands-on field training and education. She involves students in all aspects of research in the lab, including taking graduate students offshore to satellite track yearling sea turtles, and involving a small army of UCF undergraduate students in coastal beach and in-water sea turtle research.

Under the direction of Dr. Mansfield, the UCF Marine Turtle Research Group examines sea turtle biology, ecology, behavior, and conservation across all life stages of sea turtle—from eggs to adults.