The Transfer-Student Research and Integration Program (TRIP) is a 2-year scholarship program (up to $8,000) for life science students who have completed an A.A. degree at a state college prior to starting at UCF as Biology, Biotechnology, or Biomedical Science majors. TRIP’s goal is to create highly competitive graduates for life science  workforce positions or graduate programs by improving their science literacy, as well as providing the hard and soft skills necessary for success (see TRIP Program Overview figure). To this end, TRIP scholars will engage in three main activities: a structured research experience, community integration, and professional development. For more information about TRIP, please explore the menu. Please contact TRIP@ucf.edu for questions about the program.

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“T.R.I.P. has put me in a position to do what I love, and that’s science. Many people have a passion for science, medicine, and research, and only need to be given a chance to do it. Not only does T.R.I.P. make transferring to a new school easy, but it also makes it meaningful. I have been fortunate to be conducting novel research and meeting people that share the same passions as me.”                                                                       David Caraballo Delgado, Biomedical Sciences Major, 2018-2020 T.R.I.P. Scholar