Professional Development

In order to improve the skills necessary for success, TRIP scholars will participate in two activities related to professional development: workshops and scientific conferences.

Workshops – Each semester, TRIP scholars will attend one workshop such as “Transfer Shock and Transition to UCF”, “Getting Involved in Off-Campus Research”, “Preparing to Present Your Research”, and “Publishing Your Undergraduate Research”.

Conferences –   During the spring of their first year, TRIP scholars will attend the UCF Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE), a 1-day conference that provides students the opportunity to present their work in poster format.  During the spring of their second year, TRIP scholars will present posters based on their work in GEAR at both SURE and the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC).  The latter is a 2-day conference that provides an opportunity for students across the state of Florida to present research posters.  It also offers workshops and attracts over 30 graduate school recruiters from institutions around the country.