About Jurca Lab

Our multidisciplinary research group focuses on molecular inorganic synthesis, thin film materials via atomic layer deposition (ALD), and heterogeneous catalysis for fine chemical transformations.

Our goal is the convergence of these subdisciplines of inorganic chemistry towards the synthesis of hierarchical hybrid catalyst systems. We seek to leverage these areas of expertise to controllably, and predictably synthesize monolith-supported nanocatalysts, functionalized with molecular species which, together, can be utilized for complex fine chemical transformations via one-pot, cascade, and multi-catalytic reactions. By starting with the small molecule first approach (e.g. ALD molecular precursors), we seek to correlate, understand, and ultimately control the entire molecule-to-material process to create highly reactive and selective catalysts. In parallel, we adhere to sustainability concepts and the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry as we engage in these pursuits.

Jurca lab members receive training in broad-ranging topics including: organic synthesis, organometallic/inorganic coordination complex synthesis with a focus on air-free and mechanochemical techniques, nanoparticle and thin film synthesis (using ALD and CVD), associated materials characterization techniques, and solution-phase chemical catalysis with a focus on understanding reaction mechanisms.