Current Members

Graduate Students







Thomas E. Shaw IV

Lorianne Shultz

Azina Rahmani (co-supervised with Lei Zhai)

Taylor Currie

Undergraduate Students

Angelica Rey (BSc – currently volunteer)

Visiting Scientist / mentor / resident Mo and W chemistry expert

Dr. Alfred P. Sattelberger

Group Alumni

Postdoctoral Researchers: Dr. Ameya Narkar (now postdoctoral fellow at University of Syracuse)

Graduate Students: Justin Arami, Konstantin Preradovic (MSc)

Undergraduate Students: Marie Davy, Giovani Villalobos, Louiza Garayeva, Carolina Torres, Hayden Hadley, Lorianne Shultz (now Ph.D. candidate in Jurca lab), Taylor Currie (now Ph.D. candidate in Jurca lab)



Small Paw Etiquette Graduate

Teen Dog Etiquette Graduate

minimal contributor to scientific research