Current Members

Graduate Students

Azina Rahmani (co-supervised with Lei Zhai)

Taylor Currie

Justin Arami

Undergraduate Students

  • Angelica Rey (BSc – post-baccalaureate)
  • Kemah Kamiru-White (PREM Scholar)
  • Noel Connors
  • Jesse Davalos Barrios

Visiting Scientist / mentor / resident Mo and W chemistry expert

Dr. Alfred P. Sattelberger

Group Alumni

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Graduate Students:

  • Dr. Lorianne R. Shultz-Johnson (Ph.D. 2023, postdoctoral researcher, Savannah River National Laboratory)
  • Dr. Thomas E. Shaw IV (Ph.D. 2022, postdoctoral researcher, Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Konstantin Preradovic (M.Sc. 2020, polymer engineer, GE Aerospace)

Undergraduate Students:

  • Neil Bisram
  • Caleb Thompson
  • Marie Davy
  • Giovani Villalobos
  • Louiza Garayeva
  • Carolina Torres
  • Hayden Hadley
  • Lorianne Shultz
  • Taylor Currie



Small Paw Etiquette Graduate

Teen Dog Etiquette Graduate

minimal contributor to scientific research