Each academic unit may elect one tenured or tenure-earning faculty member who is not the department chair or a member of the dean’s office staff to serve on the Advisory Council. The college will elect four at-large instructor or lecturer faculty members. The Dean will appoint two faculty members of any type. Council members shall be elected to serve two-year terms and may serve up to a maximum of two consecutive terms. No more than two elected committee members from the same unit shall serve on the committee at the same time. The Dean will serve as chair of the Dean’s Advisory Council.

Department Name Term
Unit T/TE Representatives:
Anthropology Brigitte Kovacevich 2023-2025
Biology Robert Fitak 2022-2024
Chemistry Melanie Beazley 2022-2024
Mathematics Deguang Han 2023-2025
NSCM Lisa Mills 2022-2024
Physics Luca Argenti 2023-2025
Psychology Jeffrey Bedwell 2022-2024
Sociology Shannon Carter 2022-2024
SPSIA Jonathan Knuckey 2023-2025
Statistics & Data Science Mengyu Xu 2023-2025
At-Large I/L Representatives:
Psychology Alisha Janowsky 2023-2025
Anthropology Sandra Wheeler 2023-2025
Physics Elena Flitsiyan 2023-2024
NSCM Lindsay Hudock 2023-2024
Dean’s Appointees:
Mathematics Lori Dunlop-Pyle 2023-2025
Biology Michelle Gaither 2023-2024