The committee will be composed of one member from each department in the college, to be elected by each department, and a chair appointed by the dean. All committee members shall be graduate faculty as specified by the College of Graduate Studies. A quorum will consist of a majority of the members. Except for the chair, no more than one member will serve from a single department. Members will serve two-year staggered terms. Members may serve successive terms.

Department Name Phone E-mail Term
Anthropology Beatriz Reyes-Foster 407-823-2206 2021-2023
Biology Kate Mansfield 407-823-4431 2020-2022
Chemistry Fernando Uribe-Romo  407-823-4873 2021-2023
Mathematics Qiyu Sun  407-823-4839 2021-2023
NSCM Sally Hastings 2020-2022
Physics Michael Chini 2020-2022
Psychology Daniel Paulson 407-823-1719 2021-2023
Sociology Timothy Hawthorne 407-823-1030 2020-2022
SPSIA Thomas Dolan 407-823-6447 2021-2023
Statistics & Data Science Edgard Maboudou 407-823-2695 2020-2022