The committee will consist of three elected instructors and lecturers at or above the rank of the candidate and four tenure earning or tenured faculty, or clinical faculty at the rank of assistant professor, associate professor, or professor. The members of the committee shall be elected by a vote of all regular faculty members in the college. No more than two members may be from the same department/unit. No committee member may be a member of the department I/L Promotion Committee.Committee members shall serve a term of no more than two (2) consecutive years. Committee member terms shall be staggered to provide for continuity and uniformity of committee action.

Department Name Phone E-mail Term
3 Instructor/Lecturers
Anthropology Vance Geiger 407-823-3779 2020-2022
Psychology Karen Mottarella 2020-2022
Biology Frank Logiudice 407-823-2495 2021-2023
4 Tenured/Tenure-earning
Chemistry Titel Jurca 2020-2022
Anthropology Brigitte Kovacevich 407-823-6554 2021-2023
NSCM Jonathan Matusitz 2021-2023
Psychology Mustapha Mouloua 407-823-2910 2020-2022