The committee will be composed of one tenured member from each department in the college, at the rank of professor, where available. Members shall be elected by a majority vote of tenured and tenure-earning faculty in each department, excluding the department chair, dean and assistant and associate deans. No committee member may be a member of the department or university promotion and tenure committees. Members will serve two year, staggered terms.  No committee member may serve two successive terms.

Department Name Phone E-mail Term
Anthropology Ty Matejowsky 2020-2022
Biology David Jenkins 2021-2023
Chemistry Andres Campiglia 407-823-4162 2021-2023
Mathematics Alexandru Tamasan 407-823-2228 2021-2023
NSCM Natalie Underberg-Goode 407-823-1140 2020-2022
Physics Leonid Chernyak 407-823-1543 2020-2022
Psychology Clint Bowers 407-823-2974 2021-2023
Sociology Lin Huff-Corzine 407-823-5680 2020-2022
SPSIA Michael Mousseau 407-823-5093 2021-2023
Statistics & Data Science Morgan Wang 407-823-2818 2021-2023