Information for new students

Graduate Catalog
The UCF graduate catalog is only available online.

Campus Map
Link to the interactive university campus map.

Campus Tour
Undergraduate focused, but a great way to discover UCF’s campus.

Getting Started at UCF

Parking Decal – find this at UCF Parking Services
Register your vehicle online and pick up your permit at the Parking Services Office located at the South Parking Garage

Wireless Access
From a secured connection and as a UCF student, you can connect into the UCF Wireless network. For more information about wireless networking go to this website and click on “How To…” or call 407/823-5117

UCF Card
You pay a $10 annual fee for the UCF card that is also your library card. Be sure to stop by the UCF Library to have it activated so you can use the online library services. In addition, the card carries UCF Cash, good for use at any on-campus dining facility (including several off-campus sites), vending machines, and the UCF Bookstore. Have your photo taken for your UCF card at the UCF Card Office across from the UCF Bookstore in the John T. Washington Center.

Student E-Mail
Campus e-mail address required of all students.

Taking Care of Yourself

Graduate school can be difficult. These are resources available to you to ensure that you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally, as well as academically.
UCF Global
Serves as a source of information, advocacy and support to international students, including providing assistance in adjusting to a new academic environment and culture and to provide immigration and advising services to new and current students. UCF Global also provides assistance with employment questions and paperwork, program of study changes, academic status, transfer out and travel guidelines.

Dining Services
Check the website for more information about UCF’s dining options.

UCF Health Services
Your semester health fee pays for all of the services provided by the UCF Health Center. Medical care provided for injuries or illness and many additional services available to students.

Counseling Center
Counseling services and alcohol and drug prevention programming.

Victim and Advocate Services
Victim advocates for you or someone you know who may have been a victim of a crime. Victim advocates can help answer questions about available services and resources, criminal justice options, reactions to victimization, self-care, and crisis intervention.

Creative School for Children
The Creative School offers an affordable learning and discovery environment for all children.

Facilities and Services

UCF Libraries

Student Union
Dining, services, and student areas

UCF Bookstore
Textbooks, school supplies, magazines, gifts, UCF merchandise, literature, and coffee.

UCF Writing Center
Assistance to masters and doctoral students with reports, essays, resumes, and any other documents as well as assistance with thesis and dissertation topic development and formatting.

Student Accessibility Services
If you have a documented disability, please register with SSS. The services they provide will not make your graduate experience easier, but they will provide appropriate accommodations to “level the playing field” so your disability doesn’t prevent you from doing the best you can. Services are provided as needed – you don’t have to use them but if you need them, you must be registered with them.

Recreation & Wellness Center
Workout and health facilities

Career Services

myUCF Student Center > Student Self Service

Please keep your contact information up-to-date with the university. If you change your physical address, please update this information.

The Student Center is where you will find your personal information as well as current and past enrollment, where you can register for classes and where you can find out about any holds you may have on your records.


The course schedule is available without logging-in to the myUCF Student Center. You will need to be logged-in to register for classes. If you need assistance navigating the registration system, “Class Schedule Search” and “Course Enrollment” are two tutorials available in myUCF.

Registration Guides are also available on this website. Click on Graduate Links and navigate to “New Student Guides.”

Be certain to pay close attention to the dates and deadlines with respect to the end of the registration period. During the last week of registration (the “Late Registration and Add/Drop” week), the deadlines differ for how long you are able to DROP/SWAP courses as opposed to ADD courses. You are able to add courses for one day longer than you can drop/swap. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the exact dates each semester.


This administrative course is designed to avoid late fees. If for whatever reason you are unable to enroll into a course by the close of regular registration, enroll yourself into UCF 1500 and this administrative course will allow you the week of late registration and add/drop to finalize your enrollment for the semester. After the close of registration, this course will drop itself.

Add/Drop Deadlines

Each semester, during the week of late registration, the ability to drop courses ends one day prior to the ability to add courses. Please be aware of these deadlines by checking the Academic Calendar, because you cannot drop a course on the last day of late registration.

UCF E-mail

UCF uses e-mail as the official means of communicating university, college and program announcements, academic information (including notices and deadlines), and correspondence regarding your student status. The university will send all business-related and academic messages to your student e-mail address to ensure receipt of that information.
Every student must register for, and maintain, a student e-mail account. You should check this account regularly to avoid missing important and critical information from the university.