June 9, 2023

Congratulations to COS Graduate Student Awardees!

College of Sciences graduate students are regularly recognized for outstanding accomplishments:

2023 Student Scholar Symposium WinnerBrianna Muir, Department of Anthropology

COS Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching (faculty) in 2022-23 – Shana Harris, Anthropology

2023 Student Scholar Symposium WinnerGabriel Benson, Department of Biology

UCF Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching in 2022-23Federico Borghesi, Department of Biology

2023 Student Scholar Symposium WinnerJulio Hector Ojeda Velarde, Department of Chemistry

2023 Student Scholar Symposium WinnerMichael Lafferty, Department of Mathematics

UCF Outstanding Dissertation in 2022-23Sabin Regmi, Department of Physics

2023 Student Scholar Symposium Winner(s)Andres Kaosaar, Sean Hinkle, Department of Psychology

COS Award for Excellence by a Graduate Student Teaching Assistant (9184) in 2022-23 – Pleasant Ogedengbe, School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs

COS Award for Outstanding Thesis in 2022-23Julio Montanez, Department of Sociology