Refereed Academic Journal Articles

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Article Preprints

  • M. Gill, K. Philip, E. Saitta, and B.E. Moore, Changing the culture of a university math department: An ecological perspective, 2020.
  • B.E. Moore, E. Saitta, M. Gill, M.A. Dagley, J.J. Chini, X. Li, Impact on a university mathematics department from a two-year professional development intervention for calculus instruction, under review, 2021.

Academic Reports

  • A Modified Equations Approach for Multi-Symplectic Integration Methods (ps.gz or pdf), Ph.D. Thesis, University of Surrey, 2003.
  • Multi-Symplectic Integrators and Discrete Conservation Laws for Hamiltonian PDEs, Ph.D. Transfer Report, University of Surrey, 2000.
  • Spinodal Decomposition for Spatially Discrete Cahn-Hilliard Equations, M.S. Thesis, Colorado School of Mines, 1999.