Local Information

If you plan to fly to Orlando then you will likely want to arrive into Orlando International Airport (MCO). Direct flights are available to many cities in the United States and Canada.

Orlando International Airport is approximately a 20 mile drive from the main campus of UCF. It is strongly recommended to rent a car or take a Uber/taxi to get to the main campus from the airport as public transportation will take over 2 hours with several bus transfers. The cost for a Uber from the aiport to the meeting is $54ā€“$69 each way. More ground transportation options can be found here.

If you are driving to UCF, you could park your car in Parking Garage C (click here to see it from Google Map). It is free of charge as long as you park your car on spaces without any mark or spaces marked with green signs that include the letter ā€œDā€, which denotes a student permit. Faculty (B), Staff (C) and specially spaces are prohibited. The distance from Parking Garage C to the conference building BA1 is about 0.2 mile, approximately 5 minutes of walk.

The detailed directions to UCF campus can be found here and a printable map of campus is available here.