Old Group Pictures

FALL 2022 – From left to right: Will, Eduardo, Sayandip, and Justin (December/2022). Photo by Soumik Ghosh.
2018 Group
FALL 2018 – From left to right: Justin, Antonett, Eduardo, Will, Swarnadeep Seth, Sayandip, Aaron Hadley (December/2018). Photo by Nikitta Campbell.
Group Fall 2017
FALL 2017 – From left to right: Andre (de Souza), Sabine, Antonett, Andre (Childs), Will, Eduardo, Justin, George, Sayandip (September/2017). Photo by Marlena Owen.
Group Fall 2016
FALL 2016 – From left to right: Alex, Will, Sabine, Justin, Tyler, Eduardo, Amin (October/2016). Photo by Marjan Khamesian.
Group Fall 2015
FALL 2015 – From left to right: Amin, Carlos, Sabine, Eduardo, Kursti (September/2015). Photo by Marjan Khamesian.
Fall 2014
FALL 2014 – From left to right: Eduardo, Amin, Richard, Sabine, Pejman, Kursti, Alex, Emilia (October/2014). Photo by Marjan Khamesian.
Group Fall 2013
FALL 2013 – From left to right: Pejman, Daniel, Eduardo, Richard, Sabine, Alex, Javier, Amin (August/2013). Photo by Marjan Khamesian.
Group Fall 2012
FALL 2012 – From left to right: Leandro, Amin, Javier, Eduardo, Evelyn, Sabine, Pejman (October/2012). Photo by Marjan Khamesian.

Last update: February 24, 2023