Graduate courses

Statistical Physics (PHY 5524)

Classical Mechanics (PHY 6246)

Introduction to Quantum Computation (PHY 5650)

Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics (PHZ 5405)

Graduate Research Seminar (PHY 6939)

Quantum Mechanics I (PHY 5606)

Quantum Mechanics II (PHY 6624)

Undergraduate courses

Quantum Information Processing (PHY 4932)

Physics for Engineers and Scientists I (PHY 2048)

Wave Mechanics I (PHY 4604)

Wave Mechanics II (PHY 4605)

Thermal and Statistical Physics (PHY 3513)

Mechanics I (PHY 3220)

Advanced Classical Mechanics (PHY 4932)

Lecture notes

Chaos and Interactions in Quantum Dots (10 pages, in Portuguese). Based on a lecture given at the VII Brazilian School on Electronic Structure. Goiania, Brazil, July 2000.

Phase Transitions and the Renormaliztion Group (93 pages, in Portuguese) pdf. Lecture notes of an advanced course in Statistical Mechanics. PUC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 2000.

Adiabatic Spin Pumping with Quantum Dots (30 pages, in English) pdf. Lecture notes for the CFN Summer School on Nanoelectronics. Bad Herrenalb, Germany, August/September 2005.

Introduction to Quantum Computation (65 pages, in English) pdf. Slides used in the introductory lectures of a graduate course on quantum computation. UCF, Spring 2005.

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