From right to left: Andrew, Zehra, Maxine, Max, Arslan, Suman, and Eduardo (October 2023). Photo by Yasu Nakajima.


Visiting Lecturer:

– Dr. Justin Reyes

Graduate Students:

– William Richardson

– Suman Mandal

– Arslan Hashim

– Andrew Silverman

– Maxine Khumalo

Undergraduate Students:

– Zehra Baqri

– Max Daughtry

– Alexa Mckeay


– Luke Anderson (U.G. student; senior at UCF Computer Engineering program)

– Mikhil Gotmare (U.G. student; senior at UCF Physics program)

– Jesse J. Johnson (U.G. student; now at USEncryption, FL)

– Dr. Sayandip Dhara (Ph.D. student; now a scientist at Truventic)

– Dr. Justin Reyes (Ph.D. student; now an visiting lecturer at UCF)

– Antonett Nunez delPrado (UG student; now a Ph.D. student at UCLA)

– Joao Pedro Pires (visiting Ph.D. student from the University of Porto, Portugal, June-July/2019; now a consultant at Deloitte)

– Dr. Daniel Bonior (Ph.D. student; now a researcher at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)

– George Davila (M.S. student)

– Dr. Andre de Souza (visiting professor, Jul/2017-Jun/2018; full professor at Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil)

– Dr. Sabine Pelton (M.S. and Ph.D. student; now with the National Park Service)

– Dr. Amin Ahmadi (Ph.D. student; now with Combient Mix, Sweden)

– Alex Stanforth (UG student; now a medical physicist at Emory University proton therapy center)

– Kursti DeLello (U.G. student; now a Ph.D. student at Cornell University)

– Dr. Carlos Paez (post-doc 2015-2016; now an assistant professor at Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia)

– Richard Bergmann (UG student; now a software engineer with COLSA)

– Dr. Angel Martinez (visiting student, Feb/2015; now a post-doc at UAM, Mexico)

– Dr. Pejman Jouzdani (Ph.D. student; now a scientist at General Atomics)

– Dr. Emilia Ridolfi (visiting Ph.D. student, Oct-Nov/2014; now a geoscientist in Belgium)

– Dr. Javier Romero (Ph.D. student; now in the MS degree in STEM Education at Tufts University)

– Evelyn Strunk (UG student, now at Lockheed Martin)

– Dr. Leandro Lima (visiting student, Sept-Nov/2012; now an assistant professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil)

– Dr. Guilherme Martins (visiting student, Nov-Dec/2011; now a visiting professor at Universidade Federal de Alagoas, Brazil)

– Stephen Wood (UG student)

– Dr. Diego Valente (Ph.D. student; now a lecturer at the University of Connecticut)

– Jon Edmiston (UG student; now at Qorvo)

– Dr. William Cole (UG student; researcher at Microsoft Station Q, Santa Barbara)

– Dr. James McCracken (M.S. student; now a consultant in the Washington DC area)

– Dr. Michael Hogue (Ph.D. student; retired from NASA Kennedy Space Center)

– Dr. Kenjiro Gomes (UG and M.S. student; now with Monad, CA)

– Dr. Marco Tavora (M.S. student; founder, Principia Technologies, Brazil)

– Daniel Alencar dos Santos (M.S. student)

– Dr. Alejandro Rivas (post-doc; now a staff member, Tandar Lab, Argentina)

– Dr. Ana Luiza Cardoso Pereira (UG student; now an associate professor, UNICAMP Limeira, Brazil)

– Marcelo Schiaffino (UG student, now at BICS Telecomm, Brazil)

– Bernardo Fernandes (UG student)

Last updated: October 27, 2023