Mapping spin interactions from conductance peak splitting in Coulomb blockade

We investigate the transport properties of a quantum dot coupled to leads interacting with a multispin system using the generalized master equation within the Coulomb blockade regime. We find that if two states for each scattering region electron manifold are included, several signatures of the interacting spin system appear in steady-state transport properties. We provide a theoretical mapping of differential conductance peak signatures and all spin Hamiltonian parameters related to the inclusion of excited state transitions between uncharged and charged electron manifolds. Our predictions describe a scheme of only using a quantum dot and differential conductance to measure magnetic anisotropy, interspin exchange coupling, exchange coupling between the spin system and itinerant electron, and applied magnetic field response.

This work was published in Physical Review B.
[E. D. Switzer, X.-G. Zhang, V. Turkowski, T. S. Rahman, “Mapping spin interactions from conductance peak splitting in Coulomb blockade.” Phys. Rev. B. 108, 174438 (2023).]