Article on thermal effects in molecular gases published in Optics Letters

Our article “Thermal effects in molecular gas-filled hollow-core fibers” was published online in Optics Letters (! This work was led primarily by John Beetar, and features some cool measurements showing how the supercontinuum spectrum generated in N2O-filled fiber varies from shot to shot at 50 kHz repetition rate as it approaches thermal equilibrium.

Jonathan awarded NDSEG Fellowship!

Jonathan Nesper was awarded the 2021 Department of Defense National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship! For the next three years, Jonathan will be supported by the fellowship to develop intense, long-wavelength sources for coherent control of magnetism in antiferromagnetic insulators. Congratulations, Jonathan!

Article on solid-state TIPTOE published in Photonics Research

Our article “All-optical sampling of few-cycle infrared pulses using tunneling in a solid” was published online in Photonics Research (doi:, Early Posting pdf:! This work was led primarily by Yangyang Liu, but with important contributions from current and former members of the LUMAS group. The work describes a variant on the TIPTOE (tunnel ionization with a perturbation for time-domain observation of an electric field) technique for characterizing laser waveforms, and we are excited about its future prospects for single-shot, on-chip waveform measurements!

LUMAS group work highlighted in Optics and Photonics News

Our recent work is highlighted in the November 2020 issue of Optics and Photonics News! The article “Towards Attosecond Science with Workaday Lasers” covers work published in our recent Science Advances paper.

Congratulations to Chau!

Congratulations to Chau Truong for passing her Dissertation Proposal, and moving into PhD candidacy! Chau’s dissertation will focus on developing a source of isolated attosecond pulses using our Yb:KGW laser, and applying them to study dynamics in atomic systems using attosecond interferometry.