The Psychology Clinic at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL

Psychology Bldg and Reception

The UCF Psychology Clinic, in Orlando, Florida, provides high quality and affordable psychological assessment and psychotherapy services for adults (age 18 and up). Services are provided by Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program students under the close supervision of the program’s faculty and staff members. All clinical supervisors are currently licensed as Psychologists by the State of Florida. Our clinicians use evidence-based assessment and psychotherapy interventions to ensure that you receive state of the art and effective services. The UCF Psychology Clinic is the on-campus training clinic for students currently enrolled in the UCF Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program.

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UCF Psychology Clinic:  407-823-4348

UCF Restores


UCF RESTORES is a clinical research center dedicated to changing how posttraumatic stress disorder is understood, diagnosed, and treated. We provide no cost evidence-based treatment to veterans, active duty military service members, first responders, survivors of civilian or military sexual assault, survivors of mass violence, and survivors of natural disasters. We are administratively separate from the Psychology Clinic, but include some faculty members and students from the UCF Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program. To find out more about UCF RESTORES, click the button below.

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